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Live to Give aims to create a better quality in people's lives and for the planet we live on. Live to Give solves life challenges utilizing media and channels to actively fundraise, activate and engage. To achieve this, we often use you as a Live to Give Ambassador.

Live to Give believes that through the power of activations, events and media, we can actively help to create a better world. To do this, we reach out to corporate businesses, non-profit organisations and yourself.

Make great deeds and create a difference in the life of people and communities. Support the causes on the platform, organize activations and events in your city. Actively promote Live to Give in your channel or communities. Engage in Live to Give Events and let's raise the funds to create a difference.

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Artists and individuals can raise funds for small projects. NGO's can fundraise for their initiatives through crowdfunding on Live To Give. You can support to create a better life quality for those who need it the most.

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Together as cause ambassadors, we create activations and events and raise funds for specific causes that require funds to improve the mission. Live to Give connects NGO's to businesses and engage large groups of people to raise the funds required.

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Live to Give connects brands and businesses to NGO’s and engages fans through the power of digital and live activation to raise funds required to help vulnerable communities and causes to give them hope.

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Live to Give is the platform to connect and to engages people with similar interests who care for other people. We help through fundraising and initiative activations to create a better quality of life for vulnerable community, a better environment and love and happiness.

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